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    There are now 100 issues of Pulpdom the magazine, born in Jan. 1997. If you add 89 issues of ERB-dom (1960-1976) to 62 issues of Fantastic Collector (1988-1996) that is 252 magazines in 60 years. 


        For 22 years in 100 issues we investigated authors and pulp maga-zines and published over 3000 pages of information. If you are curious about details of real popular American fiction 1900-1950s, you might start with Pulpdom #1. Not much is out of date, and you will meet many interesting authors with samples of their work. We also like thrilling illustrations, and there are 100s in the set. Most  customers like the fact one can load up the PDFs and click on any issues ! They are fun reads, as each issue was carefully crafted for remembrance.

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           Pulpdom 1-75

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  All 75 back issues are available as PDF   units. This folder is 771.5 MB and they

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 1-3 is the INDEX to all 75 issues, this is about 2000 pages, $40 by check or MO, send by snail mail: Cazedessus, 12450 Parklake Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70816


 Pulpdom Online 1-23

is just a switch to PDF only. All 23 issues

- $10 , almost 500 pages of interesting and entertaining stuff with art.

Contents Guide to those 23 issues.

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Kit Carson

P100 cvrx.jpg

   PUBLISHED last 
 year during the  
 Chinese biological
 attack on the USA,
 nothing much has
 been said about
 our new Kaspa
 the Lion Man.   
      Mike and I 
 have written five
 new stories for
 Pulpdom. 1 here.


72 pg PDF

for $3.

  PULPDOM #100, October, 2020

       A Kaspa short story by Mike Taylor, an illustrated biography of C.T. Stoneham of 

 Africa who created Kaspa, and a 35 page section devoted to Edgar Rice Burroughs, 

 with recollections of ERB-dom 60 yrs ago, with original art by MacDonald & Barrett.

      Also inside is a review in detail of a 1909 pulp story that hints of John Carter and 

 Barsoom - 'OFF THE EARTH". And another specific review of a white man-monkey

 traveling in the trees of an African plantation in the deep jungle and being harassed

 by more ape-like men monkeys to the point of disturbing the guests who actually

 came to see the Mighty Obeah, the white man-monkey.


*** This is a 72 page PDF, less than 10MB, quick and easy to download, read & print.

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recounts Kaspa and Yashtar being drawn into a foreign world, re-introduces these two old pulp heroes, KASPA and YASHTAR.

Here you meet a blue lady in  a flying saucer, Falanda,

and a tall dark guy with the large Bob cat - Mak the Man.


This 30,000 word story is in a 70 page PDF titled Pulpdom 99,

with 14 full color paintings by Sankner & Orsak


Send $5 by check or MO for both PDFs to:

Cazedessus, 12450 Parklake Ave.,

Baton Rouge LA, 70816

FAT P99 CVR.png



   Kaspa Starke was raised by lions in Africa. All described by C. T. Stoneham in his 1930 book, THE LIONS WAY. There were several sequels & shorts, five published in old Pulpdoms.

    In TREK INTO TIRAMBITAR, Kaspa has met an amazing woman: Yashtar, the Lion Goddess of Bal-Hanno.











Off they go into The Great Rift Valley of Africa, only to be drawn through an odd tessaract and into a giant new jungle and desert world. Covered by a green and orange pastel sky, and a bright blue sun that passes over regularly. Ash gets captured by some huge baboons,  but even escaping their clutches into Kaspa's arms, the creatures have chased the couple deep into TIRAMBITAR, a wonderous lost wild land on a giant planet in another solar system.

        The good part is they are traveling and camping with their friends, several African lions.

 Also included in Pulpdom #99  WOLFSLAYER

by Mike Taylor

    Mike is the author of four Kaspa short stories published in Pulpdom Online 17, 18, 19 & 21, $1 ea.in PDF.

Order by mail from

my street address.




KASPA is a registered Trademark.

Heading 1

    H. Bedford-Jones is featured  
with illustrations & info here:

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

KIT CARSON  (1809-1868)

    A real person who became one of the  

 first of the pulp heroes, in spite of his 

 disdain for such notoriety. Perhaps 50

 "dime novels" feature him, or characters

 using his name. Not too tall, rather shy

 and unassuming, lived in Taos, New

 Mexico and had a family of several kids

 with his wife Josefa, a fine Spanish lady.

Details here.

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