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 Kaspa, a Real Lion Man

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Artwork by Rob Sankner & Joe Orsak

History of Pulpdom

    There are now 100 issues of Pulpdom the magazine, born in Jan. 1997. If you add 89 issues of ERB-dom (1960-1976) to 62 issues of Fantastic Collector (1988-1996) that is 252 magazines I have published in 60 years. That average was 4.2 a year.

       There is a lot of variety in the 100

 issues of Pulpdom about authors &  pulps. 3 free issues in PDF format.

 H. Bedford-Jones, "King of 

 the Pulps", is the featued

 author in

      Pulpdom Online #20





 typical "pulp magazine",of 

 1930s  and 40s.It is described in

 Pulpdom Online  #17,  which 

 has a story from 1940, and

 is a fat 48 page PDF. POL #17

Pulpdom 1-75

INDEX to first 75  issues by

author, pulp magazine title

and subject. (click here)

          All 75 back issues are available as 

 75 PDF units. This folder is 771 MB and  they can be sent at one time.  On receipt,  put them in a folder for easy reference.  Then use the INDEX to all 75 issues, and  search thru about 2000 pages.Send $40 by  check to Cazedessus, 12450 Parklake Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70816.....or use  Paypal, though they are unreliable.


 Pulpdom Online 1-23

is just a name change. All 23 issues

is about 500 pages.$10 gets you all 23, ----> actually all 26

in 26 PDF units, w/an index/guide.

Contents Guide for

first 23 issues.......

Click Here
Best deal, all 100 issues, 
- 100 magazines -
 in 100 PDFs for only $50,
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The latest issue of Pulpdom,
 #100, is FREE ! Click here!
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12450 Parklake Ave.
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 Who is Kaspa?

     Inspired by Tarzan, [created by 

 Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912] 

 Kaspa the Lion Man was created 

 by C.T. Stoneham in  1930.  There 

 were three novels by Stoneham, 

 and now five new short stories by 

 Mike Taylor and Caz, published

 in recent issues of Pulpdom --this

 obscure little magazine with an

 origin in the 20th century. [ERB-

 dom, the father of Pulpdom, 

 began publication in 1960, and 

 won the Sci Fi Hugo for  Best

 Amateur Magazine of 1966.]

      One of the new Kaspa stories,   

 is included in Pulpdom #100, 

 which is free. Some issues of

 Pulpdom are for sale and three 

 are free. I hope that the free ones, 

 in PDF fromat (#17, #20 & #100) 

 will give you a “feel” for them 

 and you will want the complete 

 set in PDF format for only $50.

 When you have all 100 issues in

  a folder on your desktop, each is

  quickly available for reference

 and easy to read and review


  Who is Yashtar?

        Another of the KASPA tales, 

 "Trek into Tirambitar” is a 30,000 

 word adventure that introduces 

 “Yashtar, the Lion Goddess”, a








 strong and beautiful companion 

 of the Lion Man. She was created

 in 1940 by John Wiggin in an issue

 of ACTION STORIES, (Aug.1940)
 and her story is reprinted in full

 in Pulpdom Online #17, one of

 the free issues. She is the perfect 

 mate for the Lion Man, as you

 will see on reading about her.



       The world of pulp magazines

 and the characters they presented

 to the popular "fiction reading"
public for over 50 years has faded.

 But, they remain an opportunity to  escape today's techno world, and re-  live fantasy adventures in fantastic  settings with famous heroes written by mostly forgotten authors. My  version of Kaspa and his lion friends  reflects my idea of

escape fiction, not too much blood and mayhem, more a tale of exploration and life in the wilds,  reminiscent of early America

 when it was not cluttered with too 

 much "civilization."  

     --- Camille Cazedessus, BR,La.  

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 *** CAZUALS ***

Even I've confirmed

there are actually 101 issues of Pupdom, not 100. But the numbers on the issues are

"individually OK" so

it's only a project for

true zine counters.

Got another back-up copy of Ike Asimov's CHRONOLOGY OF THE WORLD, one of the great history books of the 20th century. If you don't have this book in your library, you are really limiting yourself. No single book gives you super information on any two pages of this 675  page 1991 treasure.



     FACEBOOK so Mao like I cannot even respond to my family about the hurricane at my house. They are big brother tyrants, 100% hunks of S.

I never sold a single book on FcBk, but did meet a few interesting people and bought some fine original art from Rob Sankner, who still posts some really funny stories. But I will

delete my account ASAP.


I especially savor my ability to repeatedly revise this website, even if some of it is a bit off. At least i cannot be canned by some petty tyrant who let me be called a "reprobate" by a monkey boy. ---> BTW, "monkey boy" is from Buckaroo Banzai...

movie.... I must watch it again to see how it was used.


  Meanwhile I have found some good books, the story of Jean Lafitte is one, good reprints in dj of Land Time Forgot and Moon Maid are 2 more. Enjoying rebuilding my ERB collection, great fun.

     We, must prep for Isa the hurricane that has S. Louisiana in its path, tho I am on high ground with a generator to keep ice cubes available at a whim. Still, they can be rough for others in certain areas. and will surely cause some deaths and such.



KIT CARSON  (1809-1868)

    A real person who became one of the  

 first of the pulp heroes, in spite of his 

 disdain for such notoriety. Perhaps 50

 "dime novels" feature him, or characters

 using his name. Not too tall, rather shy

 and unassuming, he lived in Taos, New

 Mexico and had a family of ten kids

 with his wife Josefa, a fine Spanish lady.

Details here.

    I voted for Donald J. Trump


Who was Louis L'Amour?

- creator of the Sacketts!

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